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Pam Bramble

R+F Independent Consultant

210-288-4875, cell
My favorite products:
REDEFINE AMP It Up Special and
REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex

your consultant

My Story

 I used  REDEFINE  with the AMP roller and eye cream for a year before deciding to become a consultant for the company. WHY with a full time job and all the travel did I sign on for something else to do? Because you name it, and I've tried it, but this skin care works. And this isn't the R+F doctors/founders first rodeo either!

They developed Proactiv which my son used when he was in middle school and high school. It was the only product that helped him with his acne. I love the 60 day money back guarantee and the before and after pictures that they ask new customers to utilize to track their progress. They don't advertise with a bunch of air-brushed models. It's only real customers with real results.

I also love the way R+F is going to market with a new kind of "middle man". I've been in consumer products marketing my entire career and just attended a conference from the Retail Institute where shopping trends were discussed. The speaker talked about the fact that more high end cosmetics and skincare would not go through the regular distribution channels in the future due to the cost of getting into major department stores and the inability to "breakthrough the clutter" of all the competition.

That's one of the many reasons that R+F is selling through consultants like me. Take a look at what we have to offer. What have you got to lose? We aren't getting any younger, but we don't have to look like it!

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